Free is always good regardless of how you look at it. In this day and age, is it possible to experience anything for free? You can, if you live in New Tampa, a neighborhood that is family oriented, close to nature and with well developed community plans for children, teens and adults of any age.

What can you do for free in New Tampa?


All communities that you choose to live in New Tampa have a community pool and water activities for children and adults. If you live in Seven Oaks Community in Wesley Chapel they have an award winning pool that is just like a resort with a leisure pool and sub deck, wading pool, Junior Olympic lap pool and a double loop water slide. They have a children’s water splash park with fountains. Residents can bring up to 5 guests to enjoy the day for free.

Grand Hampton has a similar resort style water park for residents and their guests. These are just two of the communities featured in this article.

Jogging and Running

Most communities in New Tampa are designed with walking paths and running trails. Residents are often found jogging or taking their morning and evening walks along the walking paths that are safe and designed away from traffic or fast moving cars.

In Arbor Greene, Hunter’s Green and Tampa Palms communities, you can get a glimpse of the miles of walking/jogging paths. Some residents are in their marathon gears preparing for a charity run or a marathon.


If you live in Hunter’s Green you can take the biking trail on Flatwoods Park for free. This park is famous for its 7 mile paved loop road. Some cyclists go for the 20 miles trails on natural surface with a chance to spot wildlife, birds and to enjoy the woods and shady trees.

This park attracts lots of residents. For those who live a little further than Hunter’s Green, there is a $2.00 per parked vehicle fee for the park. There is no charge to enter the park.


Enjoy an afternoon picnic in any of the community parks in New Tampa. The weather in New Tampa is sunny year round and it is suitable for picnics.

Families can bring their favorite picnic meals and enjoy at Flatwoods Park or the many other community parks in their neigborhood. In the Tampa Palms, there are 5 parks that residents can enjoy an afternoon picnic with friends and family.

The community has the Oak Park, River Park, Amberly Park, Hampton Park and Compton Park. River Park is Tampa Palms own State Park with walking trails, camping site and a place for kayaking and canoeing.


Residents can go fishing on Hillsborough River in River Park, Tampa Palms or at the different lakes and ponds in the communities. Not all ponds are suitable for fishing and you need to find out the restrictions in the community.

These are 5 ways you can experience the great outdoors with your friends and family for free.  Along with development projects and construction of new commercial and residential buildings, New Tampa is able to maintain areas where residents can still enjoy the great outdoors. Community planners do take outdoor activities seriously for its residents.